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Lin-Manuel Miranda on how ‘Hamilton’ was filmed for Disney+ in just 3 days

Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared on “Good Morning America” to discuss how “Hamilton” was filmed for Disney+ in just three days.
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With “Hamilton” on Broadway, only those who could afford the pricey — and often sold-out — tickets or those lucky enough to snag lottery tickets could see it. But soon enough, anyone with a Disney+ account has a front-row seat to watch history unfold.

“You know, no one can predict the way a work is received, and the way ‘Hamilton’ has been received has surpassed everyone’s wildest dreams,” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda said Monday on “Good Morning America.”

“But our biggest issue has always been accessibility,” he added, “so I’m really glad we had the luxury to basically shoot an independent film in our first year and now the world can see what it felt like to be in that room in June 2016 next Friday.”

A minute-long trailer for the production has been released.

Originally set to hit theaters on October 15, 2021, last month “Hamilton” was moved ahead by more than a year to be released July 3, 2020 — just in time for Independence Day — largely thanks to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

This is not a movie version of the Tony-winning musical, though, it’s the stage version filmed from The Richard Rodgers Theatre as a movie with the original cast — including Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs and more.

Miranda, 40, explained how the shoot took place over three days from Sunday to Tuesday, using a combination of live shows and opportunities to get close-up shots, dolly shots, and “all the coverage you would want to get in a movie.”

“So it was basically a three-day film shoot with the best rehearsed cast in the history of the movies,” the Pulitzer Prize winner continued, “because we had all been doing the show for a year at this point.”

Disney is the parent company of ABC News and “Good Morning America.”

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