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Louisiana School Board Member Dragged for Shopping Online During Meeting About Race [WATCH

A Louisiana city official is under fire after being called out for shopping online during a meeting about changing the name of a local high school from General Robert E. Lee. 
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*A Louisiana city official is under fire after being called out for shopping online during a meeting about changing the name of a local high school from Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Before the board meeting at East Baton Rouge Parish School on June 18, Connie Bernard was criticized for her opposition to renaming the school. She was further dragged during the meeting when  activist Gary Chambers put her on blast for shopping online instead of participating in a follow-up discussion about the name change. 

As noted by TMZ, Chambers Jr. said her behavior and comments prove she’s racist and and he demanded that she resign immediately. 

Chambers said, “You don’t give a damn, and it’s clear.” He then told Bernard: “Robert E. Lee was a brutal slavemaster. Not only did he whoop the slaves, he said, ‘Lay it on ‘em hard.’ After he said [that], he said, ‘Put brine on them.’”

Bernard said in a June 10 interview that those who disagree with the school being named after Lee should educate themselves on history, per heavy.com

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You have to see the WHOLE video here and not just the clip.

This is @GaryChambersJr confronting Baton Rouge school board member Connie Bernard SHOPPING ONLINE during an emotional meeting about changing the name of a local high school from Robert E. Lee.

This moment is 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/h7AocIrM4Y

— Shaun King (@shaunking) June 20, 2020

“I would hope that they would learn a little bit more about General Lee,” she said, “because General Lee inherited a large plantation and he was tasked with the job of doing something with those people who lived in bondage to that plantation, the slaves, and he freed them.”

At the meeting on Thursday, Board Vice President Tramelle Howard told Bernard:, “The comments you made were extremely tone deaf to our collective community, extremely tone deaf to the students of our district, and I would be remiss if I did not stand up and stand against that. I understand where you were coming from in trying to recognize history but it’s just wrong, totally wrong. This man was a murderer, he was a racist and a bigot.”

Board member Dadrius Lanus also explained to her: “Under the demands of his late father’s will, which demanded he free all slaves after five years, Lee tried multiple times to resist and keep the slaves under his control, yet his name hangs over our school.”

The now-viral video of Bernard’s heated moment with Chambers shows the Baton Rouge school board member get up and walk out of the room. 

She later apologized for her comments about Lee, and claims she wasn’t online shopping … she simply couldn’t close a pop-up ad fast enough, the TMZ report states.  

Below is yet another one of Bernard’s infamous Internet moments… WARNING: CLIP CONTAINS EPLICIT LANGUAGE:

I can’t believe she wasn’t fired and arrested after this pic.twitter.com/Axe2dOITdg

— Alesha Mitchell (@IQGurl) June 20, 2020

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