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Sweet Things Justin Bieber’s Done For Hailey Baldwin (He Never Did For Selena Gomez)

It goes without saying that in the last two years Justin has been with Hailey, he has done a tremendous amount of special things for her.
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When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reconciled at the end of 2017, fans were happy to see that the former on-again, off-again couple were willing to give their relationship another try seeing that they still shared feelings for each other.

But people were certainly feeling doubtful about the chances of Justin and Selena’s romance lasting more than a couple of months given the number of times they had broken up and gotten back together in the past. As much as fans wanted to believe that they were going to last this time around, by March 2018, the couple had officially split, but this time it appeared to be for good.

It wasn’t long after ending his romance with Selena that Justin decided to reunite with another ex-girlfriend: Hailey Baldwin. The couple went public by the summer and shockingly tied the knot before the year’s end, which put to rest any speculation of whether the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker would get back with Gomez.

It goes without saying that in the last two years Justin has been with Hailey, he has done a tremendous amount of special things for her – many which he never appeared to have done for Selena. It’s also riveting to know that while his relationship with the ‘Look At Her Now’ singer remained very much under the radar, Justin has never been private about his romance with Hailey, even before they had tied the knot. Here’s the full lowdown.

12 He Proposed To Hailey

justin bieber hailey baldwin


In July 2018, it was revealed that Justin had popped the question to Hailey Baldwin during their getaway trip to a Bahamas resort. When Justin proposed to his now-wife, he kindly asked the restaurant patrons not to take photos of their special moment, but it wasn’t long before media outlets were informed about the proposal, leaving fans in disbelief.

11 They Went On To Tie The Knot

hailey justin bieber new york


In September 2018, Hailey and Justin quietly tied the knot after they were spotted arriving at a New York courthouse. Their friends and family weren’t informed about their decision to get married without holding an actual ceremony, and while weeks went by with fans wondering whether the two were officially married, Justin confirmed the news by November 2018, revealing that he was, in fact, a married man.

10 He Purchased Hailey A $155,000 Watch

hailey justin bieber sweet


When Hailey Baldwin celebrated her 23rd birthday in November 2019, Justin Bieber showed just how thoughtful he was by arranging a lunch date in Malibu before presenting the model with a $155,000 watch by Audemars Piguet. He posted a video of her gift on Instagram, along with the caption: “Had to stop by @jadellebh for Hailey’s birthday gift flooded AP… ONLY THE BEST FOR MY BOO.”

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9 He Considers Hailey His ‘Reward’

hailey justin


In his 2019 interview with ‘Vogue,’ Justin explained that he’d been celibate for well over a year before intimacy with Hailey – and that wasn’t going to happen unless they had tied the knot because Justin had now dedicated his life to his religion. Because he was patient and didn’t rush into intimacy, he told the magazine: “I believed that God blessed me with Hailey as a result. There are perks. You get rewarded for good behavior.”

8 Their Relationship Was Never Secretive

justin bieber hailey together


One of the major differences between Justin’s relationship with Hailey compared to Selena Gomez is that their romance was never a secret. Fans never saw Justin and Selena share PDA as much as he has done with Hailey, which certainly gave off the impression that he feels more comfortable being affectionate with his wife than he did with Selena.

7 He Gave Her A Sweet Tribute Post On Instagram

hailey tribute justin bieber


Also on her 23rd birthday, aside from the pricey watch, he gifted her, Justin Bieber gave an endearing and thoughtful tribute to Hailey on his official Instagram page, where he told his millions of fans how the blonde beauty was helping him become a better person.

“Happy birthday babes!” he posted alongside photos of the doting duo at their wedding “You make me want to be better every day! The way you live you life is so attractive..ps you turn me on in every way. next season BABIES.”

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6 He’s Written Songs About His Wife

hailey justin bieber vacation


One of the most endearing things about Justin and his relationship with Hailey is that he’s written several songs about her, including ‘All Around Me,’ and ‘Habitual,’ and ‘Come Around Me.’ On the latter track, he sings: “When you come around me Treat me like you miss me Even though you’ve been with me When you come around me Do me like you miss me Even though you’ve been with me.” Meanwhile, Selena had been writing songs about her heartache following her split with Justin for her third studio album, ‘Rare,’ which she released in January 2020.

5 He Sang ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ To His Wife

justin cute hailey


After tying the knot with Hailey, Justin Bieber performed his hit song, ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ for his leading lady at their wedding reception, which was held in South Carolina in September 2019 – one year after getting married at a New York courthouse. Everybody from Kylie and Kendall Jenner to Jaden Smith and Harry Hudson was in attendance for the couple’s special day.

4 He Talks About Their Romance On ‘Changes’

justin bieber yummy


Fans were quick to pick up on the fact that Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album, ‘Changes,’ makes endless references to his relationship with Hailey Baldwin, with the Canadian superstar gushing about his undying love for the 23-year-old. His song ‘Forever,’ featuring Post Malone, includes the lyrics: “You still intimidate me, keep me up on my toes now Better man, what you made me, made me aware of what I was missin.’”

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3 He’s Plastered Her All Over His Social Media

justin hailey out and about


While Justin may have uploaded a photo of Selena Gomez here and there during their on-again, off-again relationship, there’s no denying that the ‘Baby’ hitmaker had never posted a series of photographs about Selena while simultaneously gushing about his undying love for her the way he has about Hailey. It’s not uncommon to see the Biebs plaster several pics of his wife on his Instagram page along with a thoughtful and endearing caption that would make any girl’s heart melt.

2 He Opened Up About Having Kids With Hailey

justin bieber hailey los angeles


In January 2020, while preparing for his now-postponed Changes Tour, Justin Bieber told fans that he was planning on starting a family with Hailey right after returning home from the road.”I’m gonna freaking crush this tour,” he said during an Instagram live stream. “You and me, traveling the world,” he added, speaking to Hailey, who was sitting next to her beau. “Then, after the tour, we have a baby.”

1 He Doesn’t Like To Leave Her Side

hailey bieber justin


Since reconciling in 2018, Justin Bieber and Hailey have been inseparable from one another. He credits her for helping him get through his mental breakdown after taking a hiatus from music due to health reasons. Bieber is rarely seen without Hailey by his side, but he wouldn’t have it any other way because he considers her the love of his life; there’s nobody he would want to spend his time with more than his wife. They’ve even graced the cover of Vogue magazine together!

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