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WWE Responds to the Undertaker’s Retirement Announcement

WWE issues a heartfelt response to the announcement that Mark William Calaway, better known by his ringname Undertaker, has retired.
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Earlier today, WWE fans around the world were shocked when The Undertaker announced his retirement. It seems that The Last Ride documentary, which took a look at his career, was building to this announcement with the final episode. Re-affirming his retirement later on Twitter, Undertaker simply said, “I’m at a point that this time the cowboy really rides away.”

Some were skeptical, of course, but it’s likely a wise decision for the Undertaker. He debuted in late 1990 and has reached the age of 55, and his WWE career is well-known about in and out of pro wrestling circles. As such, this means that his Wrestlemania 36 Boneyard Match against AJ Styles was the final one of his career. Another reason some were skeptical is because retirements in pro wrestling hardly stick, but it seems that may actually be it for the Phenom, as WWE officially responded shortly after.

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Taking to its own Social Media, the official WWE account shared an image completely decorated with the Undertaker’s long-running career. It shows the various iteration of the Undertaker’s character over the years, from the original Deadman era to the American Badass, and far more. Most importantly, it uses the #ThankYouTaker hashtag to prompt fans and followers to thank the Taker.

In true WWE spirit, the comments are filled with fans thanking Taker for his career, for influencing their childhood, and for all the defining moments that brought the Undertaker to life, so to speak. Some thanked him for being the G.O.A.T. of the WWE, for the years of hardwork, determination, and injury-sustaining feats of entertainment, and others called for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

It’s worth mentioning that some were skeptical about this retirement announcement at first; after all, wrestling retirements never typically last. The Undertaker even mentioned he’d return if Vince McMahon asked, but now with this heartfelt thanks and endearing goodbye, it’s hard to imagine that this will indeed be the case.

At the end of the day, it seems The Undertaker is fully leaving the ring now, as this announcement may not have been made if McMahon had the intention to bring him back. Anything could still happen, but it’s clear by the avid response that the Undertaker left his mark on the WWE.

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