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US, Brazil and Russia not on EU’s ‘safe list’ for non-essential travel – Republic World

The US along with Brazil and Russia are among the countries that did not make the initial ‘safe list’ of destinations for non-essential travel to Europe.
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The United States along with Brazil and Russia are among the countries that did not make the initial ‘safe list’ of destinations for non-essential travel to Europe. The EU governments are expected to give outline approval to leisure or business travel to 14 countries beyond its borders. And as the aforementioned countries are the top three hardest-hit nations by COVID-19 pandemic, the diplomats reportedly said that the authorities excluded them from the ‘safe list’. 

According to an international media report, countries, including Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay, made the initial ‘safe list’. China will also be provisionally approved, however, travel would only open if Chinese authorities also allow EU visitors. 

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The ‘safe list’ is yet to pass by a ‘qualified majority’ of EU countries. As per reports, the 27-member-bloc is expected to give the outline approval and vote on the list on July 1. The ‘safe list’ comes as the leaders aim to support the EU travel industry and tourist destinations, particularly those which are hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The ‘safe-list’ will also reportedly act as a recommendation to EU members. The list will certainly not allow access to travellers from other countries and additionally, the authorities might set restrictions on those entering from the 14 nations as well. The announcement of the ‘safe list’ also comes amid EU’s effort to reopen internal borders. 

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COVID-19 outbreak 

As per reports, Greece is mandating coronavirus tests for arrival from a range of EU countries, including France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, with self-isolation. On the other hand, the Czech Republic is not allowing in tourists from Portugal and Sweden. Meanwhile, the European countries were among the hardest-hit by the pandemic. 

Italy and Spain remained topmost affected countries for quite some time before the United States surpassed them to become the worst-hit country in the world. According to figures by Johns Hopkins University, the world has recorded over 10 million coronavirus cases so far, of which more than 5,05,000 people have lost their lives and Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom still in the top-10 list of worst-affected nations.

(Image: AP) 

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